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Museums in Merano and surroundings

Merano Municipal Museum
The Meran (Merano) Municipal Museum was opened in October, 1900 and is now housed in the former Roter Adler inn. Thanks to the collecting activity of it founder, Franz Innerhofer (1847-1918), the collection includes high quality Gothic sculptures and Baroque paintings of Tyrolean masters which today make up the most precious part of the museum and have earned admiration abroad, as well. In addition to these highlights, the collection is rounded out by additional topics from the cultural history of the Meran area: prehistory, mineralogy, folk art from Meran and vicinity, and paintings by Meran artists from the 19th and 20th cen.

Prince´s Castle Merano
The Prince’s Castle shows maid’s rooms and life in late medieval times.
In 1470 a charming castle was built at the bottom of Monte Benedetto and at the heart of Merano’s city centre, with the aim to serve as a residence to archduke Sigismund of Austria. For centuries it was the administrative seat of counts and emperors; nowadays it houses a museum.
With its chambers, maid’s rooms and parlours it is the ideal place to study life in late medieval times. A bygone era is brought back to life with furniture from everyday life, kitchen tools, ceramic stoves, frescoes, portraits, musical instruments and weapons. Worth seeing! 

Women´S Museum
In the center of Meran in South Tyrol there is located the worth-seeing Women's Museum. Evelyn Ortner (1944-1997) was the founder of the museum in 1988.
In the museum you can see articles of clothing, accessories and all day things, which narrate us the story women in the last 200 years. The visitor gets an image of the role, the ideals and the working-life of normal women.

Jewish Museum and synagogue
This museum tells about the Jewish community in Merano.
Did you know that the doctors finding out about the curative properties of Merano’s waters were actually Jewish? And that they were also present when offering Merano’s vinotherapy for the first time?
Well, all this happened in late 19th century, at time when the Jewish community of Merano was particularly active. Several buildings were raised, among them was a Jewish cemetery, a synagogue and a sanatorium. It is right this synagogue that today houses the Jewish Museum.

Viticulture museum Castel Rametz
The private museum at Rametz castle in the spa town of Merano makes you learn more about viticulture.
On a moraine hill in Maia Alta, there is Castel Rametz, surrounded by grapevines. Here the grapes benefit from a Mediterranean climate, they are protected from rough winds by the surrounding mountains and also the soil is permeable. Consciously the owners of the castle, the Schmid family, chose the typical pergola way of farming for the 10 hectares of cultivation surface. A little idyll that also comprises a museum, which is the viticulture museum, established in 1980 in the basement and the cellars of Castel Rametz.
In four exhibition sites, you can admire items and tools for the cultivation, harvest and the transport that have in part also faded into obscurity, making you familiar with the wine production in former periods. Also crop cultivation and crop dusting are addressed in the museum. In 2007 the museum was expanded by illustrations and ancient tools that make you discover how bacon is produced.
The visit of the museum starts with a walk across the vineyards and information on the work in the vineyard. Then you proceed to the cellar of the 18th century and its porphyry stone blocks. The visit ends in the modern wine cellar, where you can taste the flavoursome beverage and taste the typical South Tyrolean bacon. By the way, Castel Rametz also houses a vinotheque called “Tiroler Weinhaus” as well as a Restaurant.

Touriseum - South Tyrol Museum of Tourism - Trauttmansdorff Castle
Trauttmansdorff Castle near Meran, the former holiday residence of the Empress Elisabeth, now houses the delightful Regional Museum for Tourism, the Touriseum. Located in the heart of the Botanical Gardens, it is the first museum in the Alps dedicated to the history of tourism in Tyrol. Visitors can take an exciting journey through time through the various rooms that recount 200 years of the history of tourism from the point of view of both travellers and locals.

Ulten Valley Museum
The Valley Museum in San Nicolò/St. Nikolaus offers an excellent overview of the life of the farmers in Val d'Ultimo/Ultental.
Here you will find century-old furniture and recreations of traditional parlors, kitchens, bedrooms and service rooms, as well as a number of tools in the exhibition.
There is also a part dedicated to the local animals in Val d'Ultimo/Ultental.

Völlan Museum of Farm Life
The Völlan Museum of Farm Life displays numerous machines, tools and objects from everyday farming life as a witness to pre-industrial times.

Tyrol Castle: South Tyrol Museum of Culture and History 
Tyrol Castle, once the ancestral home of the Counts of Tyrol, is now the headquarters of the South Tyrol Museum of Culture and History. The permanent exhibition at the castle gives fascinating insight into the history of the region, from prehistory right up to the present day.
The castle
Tyrol castle, whose first phase of construction goes back to the 11th century and from which the region around was governed until 1420 was of such importance that it gave its name to the country. From these years, the years of economic and cultural blossoming, most of the historic treasures of the castle date: two richly decorated portals as well as the chapel with frescos from the 14th century are more than worth a visit.
The museum
In the temple of the Southern Palace we immerge in the world of archaeology. Here you can find discoveries of human settlement in the region going back to the 7th century B.C . On your way from the Kaiser's Hall to the Eastern Palace you discover different facets of the Middle Ages, from the customs to the music. The story of the origin of Tyrol castle is told and illuminated with the aid of computer simulation, which lays the different construction phases of the castle one on top of the other. In the castle tower we have arrived in modernity and discover the changing contemporary history of the region betweeen 1898 until 1992.
The refuge for birds of prey
In addition to the extensive grounds of the Province Museum, archaeological finds, and interactive exhibits, next to Tyrol Castle there is the Tirolo refuge for birds of prey, which offers regular flight shows.

Passeier Museum- Andreas Hofer
The PasseierMuseum is housed in the Sandhof Inn and tells the story of the famous Tyrolean freedom fighter Andreas Hofer. A new exhibition explores the nature of heroic figures. Rural life is portrayed in an open-air section.

South Tyrol Museum of Mining- Mining World Ridnaun Schneeberg
The Schneeberg mountain was the longest-worked silver, lead and zinc mine in the Alps and is still almost entirely preserved. The insight provided into 800 years of mining history is thus unique, with exhibition galleries, mule paths, braking inclines, ore bins, horses and modern ropeways, as well as a Workers’ House for the miners. Working machines in the ore treatment plant show the complex process of ore separation. A varied programme of events provides an authentic insight into the world of mining.

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